For executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who are dealing with burnout, transitions and general feelings of being overwhelmed due to pressures in their changing environment.


  • more effective and balanced leaders
  • higher organizational commitment
  • better working relationships 
  • enhanced entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour
  • greater "ownership" mindset
  • enhanced authenticity
  • higher commitment to results
  • conflict reduction
  • stress reduction
  • greater job satisfaction



"I was first referred to Dalida by a friend during a very difficult time in my life. Many things were failing at the same time, my job, my health and my family and I felt like I had only made bad decision and all was my fault but I didn't truly realized how wounded my unconscious was until I started coaching with Dalida. 

Looking back I'm amazed by how, small step by small step, she picked me up from the bottom of the desperation well and brought me up to the light. It has been a journey full of wonders and pain but I am truly convinced that in this way I have saved my life and I couldn't have done it alone.

Dalida was always able to gently push me in the right direction, sometimes by being strict and gently demanding sometimes by offering the proverbial shoulder to cry on but at the same time pointing at the very next step.  She was never rigid, when she felt something she proposed wasn't sitting well with me she readily switched to a different technique or a different suggestion. Always supportive, always present and available.

I have learned so many things under her guidance that is really difficult to make a list. Mostly I feel I learned how to live truly to myself and my highest values and that now I posses the inner tools not only to avoid some of the pains of the past but most important to deal and learn from the inevitable challenges that are surely to come."

Elena Marignelli

Business Development Manager Asia