Our mission is to provide unique, high quality coaching and consulting for organizations and individuals who are passionate about learning and growth.

Growth, development and quality are our core values.

We believe that coaching is a very powerful tool in helping people to develop and grow by challenging their limiting beliefs, be it in their personal or professional life, in order to achieve their full potential.

Coaching has already proven its huge benefits in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, but is fairly new to China.

In China there is still lack of information on what coaching is, and how it can benefit both individuals and companies.

Leadership Coaching Beijing, China

Executive Empowerment Coaching is for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to:

  • recover from burnout and regain confidence
  • provide balanced leadership presence during times of change
  • maintain focus on health and balance at times of transitions



Life Quality Coaching Beijing, China

Life Quality Coaching is ideal for every individual, of any age, who would really like to:

  • make the most out of life
  • live aligned with one's own unique values
  • be energized with a vision
  • feel clear and sure of the way forward



Coach the Coach Beijing, China

Mindfulness Coaching - connect with the present moment to:

  • experience calm
  • improve focus
  • expand awareness 
  • and beyond

Coaching Diaries



We are passionate about our work.

We aim to spread the benefits of coaching in China and we want to be a company at the forefront of the development of coaching and consultancy in China.


Quality in all our work is paramount:

  • We are strong believers in a personal approach adapted to suit each client's needs in order to provide them with sustainable customized solutions.
  • We constantly improve the quality of our services based on study, research and client feedback.
  • We are creative and authentic, striving on personal development as the core of our being.

Small Steps make a big difference.


Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality available today. Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 harnesses the power of personality, supporting businesses to realise the full potential of their human capital management capability. Facet5 provides a model and a language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation and attitudes, and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Applications of Facet5:

  • Leadership and talent development
  • Team development
  • Organizational culture