& Executive Empowerment Coach

Dalida has been working in the field of training, coaching and consultancy since 1995.
She has delivered a vast number of programs in Vision, Values & Goals, Leadership and Team building programs for corporate clients in China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia and Thailand. Through her work she has a profound insight into key issues that corporations face in a fast and ever changing environment.

In 2002 Dalida founded her own coaching and consulting company, Small Steps (China) Ltd., with the aim to assist performance enhancement and facilitate change through coaching and consultancy using holistic approach. In 2013 she co-founded DAO Leadership with focus on developing authentic leaders.

In all her work, Dalida is driven by a profound interest in what moves and motivates people. She believes in big change through small steps, whilst keeping the body and mind in balance. As a practitioner of internal martial arts and mindfulness Dalida actively applies the principles of Eastern philosophy in her coaching and consultancy. She is the founder of the Beijing Mindfulness Centre which dedicates to provide a safe and inspiring environment for learning and growth through mindfulness practice. Following her mission to bring mindfulness to the streets Dalida published "Mindfulness for Beginners" with aim to support parents and children in their mindfulness practice.



Our logo is a modified Chinese character Dao, the Way. The left part resembles a penguin who walks long distances but always comes back to it's own nest. Journeys of self exploration, life and business adventures are potent with learning - this is the essence of success. One by one small steps take us to great distances and after the long journey we come back home and recharge spending time with family, friends and community. 

In Chinese language the first character for penguin and business are the same: 企. 

The character means 'to lead' and consists of the upper part with two dots representing Yin & Yang, the connecting line below and a character 自 meaning 'self'. 

Finally, the character 道 means to experience balance through the movement